Renewable Energy


Fortuna: The World of Energy. Offering a range of solar panels, electric vehicle chargers and heat pumps to improve your energy consumption.

Renewable energy is a sustainable and eco-friendly way of supplying power to your home and vehicles. The energy generated is collected from renewable resources including wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydropower.

There is an impressive range of renewable energy solutions that will provide a sufficient amount of energy. Instead of relying on energy suppliers, you can install your very own energy renewables to generate your power. At Fortuna, we can offer a range of renewables including solar panels, electric vehicle (EV) chargers and heat pumps to help make your environment a lot more sustainable.

There are many benefits to installing renewables. By opting for renewable energy products, you will be making use of local and natural resources. You will become less-dependant on non-renewable energy. It will benefit the environment greatly by reducing the production of carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gasses. Lastly, renewable energy is an incredibly cost-effective solution which will result in you saving money on your future energy bills.


Solar panels are the perfect solution for anyone wanting to power their residential or commercial space with renewable energy. We offer a range of monocrystalline, polycrystalline, bi-facial and half-cell solar panels. We also offer solar batteries and inverters that have been manufactured to suit a wide range of properties. Each type of solar panel offers an array of unique benefits and features that will generate photovoltaic energy and solar thermal through their distinctive panels and mirrors.

All of our solar panels are available in bespoke sizes, allowing you the option to adjust the renewable energy technology. However big or small your property or commercial space is, we will work closely with you to offer a unique solar panel that is perfect for your property. Your environment will be provided with enough energy to power all that you need. Our panels output ranges from 285kWp to 405 kWp.

We offer a range of solar inverters, which are one of the most important elements of the solar system, and AC battery storage systems. If you are interested in renewable energy for your home, contact Fortuna: The World Of Energy today. We can provide a variety of deals on our 4kW solar system, as well as the ability to spread the cost with low interest rates.


At Fortuna, we work with industry-leading manufacturers to provide homeowners in Bournemouth with solar panels that are both durable and high-quality. To combat the problems we are facing with climate change, our sources of renewable energy are manufactured using modern technologies to help reduce energy consumption from non-renewable resources.

Solar X can provide a solar battery system that stores surplus energy in the battery for later use. This feature will protect you against future power outages. Perlight Solar modules use state-of-the-art technology in both design and manufacturing processes, ensuring excellent quality and modern aesthetics. The black frame and backsheet of the Longi module presents a sleek aesthetic that is perfect for rooftop installation.


JA Solar offers a high-performance photo-voltaic solar panel that has been listed on Fortune China 500, as well as Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises. Stringently tested and closely monitored, Jinko manufactures solar panels that maintain one of the highest industrial standards for its design and workmanship.

The improved temperature co-efficiency of an LG solar panel allows it to perform better than other panels on sunny days. Panasonic offers solar panels that use a unique hetero-junction technology which allows each solar panel to provide superior levels of efficiency. Q-Cells new high-performance module is made up of a high-tech aluminium alloy frame that can withstand heavy snow as well as gale force winds.

Solar Panel Warranty

When purchasing renewable energy solar panels with Fortuna, you will be provided with a guarantee that will give you peace of mind year after year. LG offers a 25-year product guarantee with their bespoke panel. Canadian Solar and Longi both offer a 10-year product guarantee as well as 25-year performance warranty. Panasonic provides a 15-year guarantee, while JA Solar offer 25-year performance warranty and a 12-year product warranty.
We will be able to provide you with solar panels that also give you peace of mind and assurance that they will last a long time.

Difference between monocrystaline & polycrystaline

Mono-crystalline solar panels are made up of a single crystal silicon, that are then formed into bars and cut into wafers. They are more expensive yet more efficient than most other solar panels.
Poly-crystalline panels are multiple fragments of silicon melted together to form wafers. They are less efficient and less expensive. Their solar cells have a blue hue compared to mono-crystalline panels, which have a black hue.

Bespoke Sizes & Prices

Our full range of solar panels come in a range of bespoke sizes. Whether you have a small or large property, we will work with you to create a renewable energy source that is perfectly suited to the dimensions of your property. The standard sizes we offer are 1.4m x 1m, 1.7m x 1m and 2m x 1m but be sure to get in touch if you require any other sized panels.


To further extend the selection of renewable energy products that we offer, we can also cater to customers who have invested in an electric vehicle. EV Chargers, otherwise known as electric vehicle chargers, are a renewable energy technology that allows you to power your vehicle from the comfort of your own home. You can claim one charge point per eligible vehicle and up to two eligible vehicles per household. To have an EV charger installed, you must also have off-street parking.


From 2025, Gas boilers will be banned from new homes in a bid to tackle emissions. Air source heats pumps are an alternative and sustainable way to heat your home and help with climate change. Installed to the back or side of your property, the heat pump absorbs heat from the air. An air source heat pump extracts heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside.